Welcome to Hazydreams!

Let me introduce you to myself.. I’m a thirty-odd year old mummy, dentist and wannabe writer.

This is a whistle-stop tour of my life so far.. mistakenly conceived by two young lovers, born into a newly married family who soon divorced then disliked each other as far as my memories stretch, raised by my mum and step-dad in a working class home with strict rules, only child until age 9 then helped raise my two younger sisters, met the love of my life at age 14, was a high achiever in a state grammar school so decided to become a dentist, then family emigrated to New Zealand but I decided to stay in England and recently married my childhood sweetheart. Since this post was originally written we have added a puppy and two baby girls into the mix.

Some people have told me I have a perfect life. Half of the time I’d probably agree with this but a challenging childhood, a few tough experiences, years of anxiety with depressive and OCD tendencies would lead me to disagree and say nobody is perfect. My mantras are “everything happens for a reason”, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” and “life’s too short”.

I enjoy spending quality time with family and friends, I love travelling and new experiences, art in any form whether it be music, painting, writing or photography and I’m fascinated by (some might say obsessed with) sharks! Yes that’s right, sharks. My blog is my new adventure and I see it as a sort of self-therapy and a way to escape the sometimes almost suicidal-thought-invoking stresses of being a dentist but I’m also hoping I can help others through my experiences and views.

Deep blue sea

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