New Year, New Start

So here it is, the year 2014 and my first blog…

I’m embarking on this year having made the decision to work part-time as a dentist. As someone who feels trapped in a career they don’t like you repeatedly see the following phrase.. “do what you love and you’ll never work another day in your life”. I’m sure this is true but how achievable is it?

My theory that I’m testing out is “do less of what you don’t enjoy and with time you’ll enjoy it”. It’s well known that if you have/do too much of anything then you don’t appreciate it and it can become a drag. So here’s my advice, go part-time leaving you more time to do the things you really enjoy.. reading, painting, exercising, spending time with family or friends and personal projects. Yet you still have a steady income.

So maybe I’m in a very fortunate position to be able to do this without many bills to pay or any children to look after. I realise that for many working part-time just simply isn’t an option but for all those unhappy stressed out people in high paying, high pressure jobs I bet it is. How much money do you really need? It goes back to one of my favourite mantras “money doesn’t bring happiness”. Sure it can help but life’s too short to spend it unhappy.

I climbed the tree to see the world

2 thoughts on “New Year, New Start

  1. i love this! I went part-time too before I was able to find a better career for myself. Who knows what blogging will bring into your world, but whatever it is, it will be great. I’ve started to think that success and money don’t bring happiness, but instead happiness brings success. Good luck! I can’t wait to see where this takes you!

  2. Good for you! As you rightly say it’s not always realistic for most people to work part time….However there are things you can do to make your job more enjoyable.

    ‘Job crafting’ is where employees make new tasks for themselves outside of their role to enhance their self-esteem, for example hospital cleaners who interact with the hospital patients. Not all roles will allow you to do this (im not sure if dentistry does) but perversely sometimes by putting more into your role you will actually get more out of it. Similarly engaging in more organisational citizenship behaviours by helping/mentoring others may increase job satisfaction.

    Or people could seek out a new job that gives them the opportunity for self development and progression. Humanistic theories at work suggest that you can enhance your self concept through constant learning and going out of your ‘comfort zone’. Graduate schemes seem particularly good for this as they give employees a wide range of opportunities to develop. Having work in monotonous roles myself I honestly don’t think you can beat constant learning!

    Great blog anyway! Follow me at

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